If you spend the majority of your time speaking only your native language to your friends, you will take a long time to pick up English. Each lesson will require you to adjust your ear to the words and your mind to the phrasing of sentences.


Make use of the Skype/Viber live tutoring service on this website. Book an hour's session as a trial. We recommend two 1-hour sessions per week to keep your ear "tuned" to the sound of English.


You should aim to spend at least 20 minutes of your day speaking English.

If you have a study partner or friend learning English, why not share breakfast or coffee with them and agree to speak only English. The first one who slips into your native language has to pay the bill.

If your study partner or friend is not available, you can practise alone. Read aloud articles from English magazines and newspapers, or passages from English language novels or guide books and record yourself. Play back the recordings afterwards and then try reading the same passages again and compare your recordings.

Download the individual alphabetical recordings from this website and practise with them. You do not need to play the whole way through, you can dip in and out when you have time. Listen to my voice and join in. You will soon match the images, on-screen words and phonetics to the sounds.

Remember to practise "th" sounds in the mirror.




 Here are some suggestions for words and phrases to use at breakfast, just to be certain that you don't have to pay the bill!




BREAKFAST   ['brekfəst]


BOX  [bɒks]  


CEREAL BOWL   ['sıərıəl bəƱl] 


GRANOLA   ['grӕnəƱ]  


MUESLI  [mju:zlı]  


CONTINENTAL   ['kɒntınentl] 


FULL ENGLISH  [fƱl 'ıŋlıʃ] 


FRUIT PLATTER  [fru:t 'plӕtə] 


KEDGEREE  [keʤərı]  


BAGEL  [beıgl]  


JAM CROISSANT  [ʤӕm krʌsɒnt]


DANISH PASTRY  ['deınıʃ 'peıstrı] 


WAFFLE, PANCAKE  ['wɒfl, 'pӕnkeık] 


POP TART [pɒp tɑ:t]   torta


CROISSANT AND ESPRESSO  [krʌsɒnt ənd e'spressəƱ]


TOAST AND MARMALADE [Ʊst ənd 'mɑ:məleıd]


TOAST AND HONEY [Ʊst ənd 'hʌnı]


OMLETTE ['ɒmlıt] 


SCRAMBLED EGGS ['skrӕmbld egӡ] 


BOILED EGG AND SOLDIERS  [bɔıld eg ənd 'səƱʤəӡ] 


POACHED EGG ON TOAST  [pəƱpʧd eg ɒn təƱst] 


FRIED EGGS  ['frɑıd egӡ] 


PORRIDGE  ['pɒrıʤ] 


ORANGE JUICE  ['ɒrınʤ ʤu:s] 


SMOOTHIE  [smu:∂ı]