This is an orange


This is a car

What is this?

It is an orange. (OR This is an orange. OR That is an orange)

What is this?

It is a car. (OR That is a car. OR This is a car)


What is this elephant doing?

This elephant is drinking.

And this one?

It is sitting down.

Who is this?

This is Prince William. 

Who is he with?

That is his grandmother.  She is The Queen.

What is that he is wearing? (OR What is he wearing? OR What’s that he’s wearing?)

It is called a flying suit. Pilots wear those when they are flying. They protect pilots’ uniforms. (OR They protect the pilot’s uniform)

This is Prince William’s mother, Diana, Princess of Wales


She is remembered as the “People’s Princess”.

This is her second son, Prince Harry

Both men serve as helicopter pilots. This is a picture of him in his soldier’s uniform. This is because he flies army helicopters.

Why is William’s uniform a different colour to Harry’s?

That is because William serves in the Royal Air Force.




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