Using the correct verb tense, fill in the blanks in the following questions.

1. The first class                       at 8:30 am.

a. beginning

b. begin

c. begins

d. begin


2.  We're                      the Present Tense now.

a. studying

b. study

c. studied

d. studies


3. Most of our students                    Brazilian, but not everyone.

a. speaking

b. speaks

c. speak

d. are speak


4. I don't see Priscilla.                        on her cell phone?

a. She is talk

b. Is she talk

c. She does talk

d. Is she talking




5. They                    breakfast because they have an early class.

a. are eat

b. aren't eat

c. aren't eating

d. eats


6. The students will often                      coffee between classes.

a. drinking

b. drink

c. drinks

d. drunk


7. Sonia sometimes                        her children to school before her classes.

a. take

b. taking

c. takeing

d. takes


8. Daniel and Priscilla                       lessons on Skype.

a. does

b. is doing

c. are doing

d. do


9. The Pastor                       to write English very well.

a. know how

b. knows how

c. know

d. knowing how


10. The next class                      at 10:30 am.

a. beginning

b. begin

c. begins

d. begging


11.             you and Sergio attend the same church?

a. Do

b. Is

c. Are

d. Was


12. We often                     writing and speaking in our classes.

a. practicing

b. practicing are

c. practice

d. are practice


13. Thays                       today because she has a sore throat.

a. no sing

b. isn't singing

c. don't sing

d. doesn't singing


14. Even though                     now, we should still go to church.

a. it's raining

b. it rain

c. its raining

d. is raining



15. Antonio and Priscilla                   their rings at the moment.

a. purchase

b. purchasing

c. are purchase

d. are purchasing


16. Excuse me,                      Pastor! I'm concentrating on every word.

a. I'm sleep

b. I'm not sleeping

c. I not sleep

d. I'm sleeping not


17. My whole family                   to church at least once a week.

a. going

b. going are

c. goes

d. are go


18. Someone                    to our conversation.

a. listening

b. listen

c. is listen

d. is listening


19. Our greenhouse                      huge tomatoes every summer.

a. produces

b. producing

c. is produce

d. produce



20. After the cat                        .

a. eating, she sleeps

b. eats, she sleep

c. eats, she sleeps

d. eats, she sleeping







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