Private tutorial sessions at home

To arrange an English tutorial session, simply complete the application form on the Contact Us page. 

Tutorial sessions run for two hours and are available throughout the day, starting at 10am. The final session will begin at 9pm.

Due to travel requirements, sessions can only take place within the London Postal area, defined as locations with postcodes beginning E-, EC-, N-, NW-, SE-, SW-, W- and WC-. Travel delays between locations may occasionally result in a late start for a session. In those cases, you will be informed by telephone, text or e-mail and offered the choice of a late start or an alternative session.

Sessions will take place in your own home or at any location where you feel comfortable. As they will be conducted in English, you should feel relaxed about your surroundings and be prepared to be corrected when you make an error. The only way to learn a language successfully is by immersion and learning from your mistakes.

During a session you will be able to go over the lessons you have been learning elsewhere, allowing you to learn new vocabulary, practice pronunciation and sentence construction. If you have specific concerns, please make note of them in your application.

Payment for each session is to be made AT THE END of each session. If you do not feel that you have acheived anything from the session, you do not have to pay. However there will be no further sessions. The facility to pay by Paypal is provided to make the transfer of funds easier. 


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