Identify the English verbs in this exercise:


Yesterday, I had a bad day.

I got up early to go shopping,

but as soon as I stepped out of the door,


it began to rain,

so I had to go back to the flat and get my umbrella.


The lift was out of order,


so I had to climb six flights of stairs to get to my place.


When I got back downstairs, I was so exhausted that I had to sit down on a bench to rest.

By that time, it had stopped raining, but the ground was still wet.

A brown dog came to where I was sitting and begged for something to eat.

I tried to ignore him, but he splashed water

all over my brand new shoes.

Finally, the bus came,

and I was on my way to the supermarket.


When I got to the supermarket,


I realised I had forgotten my shopping list,






so I couldn't remember everything I wanted to buy.

I gathered up a few items and carried them to the counter.

After the cashier finished ringing up my purchase,

he gave me the wrong change



and stuffed my groceries into my shopping bags.




I was not in a good mood when I left the supermarket.

If that wasn't bad enough, I had a terrible time on the bus ride home.


First, the bus driver yelled at me because I took too much time to get on.

Couldn't he see that I had both hands full of groceries?


Then, there were no empty seats.

I'm sure that someone on the bus could have offered me a place to sit,


but everyone was so rude.


They pretended not to see me.


I just stood there, leaned against one of the poles in the aisles,


put my head down, and sighed.



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